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This is not your typical Aaron Carter fan site and I am not your typical fan, for one thing I am over 21. I really like his album "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" but don't really care for his latest album "Oh Aaron!". I am however quite impressed with his personality.

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About his Personality

I normally don't study music that much but after seeing his video,and watching him on nickelodeon "A Walk in your Shoes". I just had to find out more about him. I don't think that he is the worlds best singer, however after watching him on that show I was quite impressed with his personality. I must say that he is the most well adjusted celebrity I have ever seen (Disclaimer: I don't see all that many). I mean he was completely at ease with himself and behaves just like a normal kid. His success has defiantly not gone to his head. Yet, he doesn't ignore the fact that he is a star and treats his fans really well. He also doesn't seam to be bothered at all by the fact that he has to have a body guard with him at all times, he simply accepts it as a fact of life. When he wants to to go to the store to get some candy he just does so with out giving it a second thought, and on the way he will casually sign autographs for his fans with out showing any sign of annoyance. In fact he *never* seams to get tired of them.

He is also completely at ease on stage. Based on what I read about him he never gets nervous when going on stage any more. In fact when he was doing an opening act for the backstreet boys when he was 9 nick was more nervous than he was!

"Today Aaron premiers", Nick reveals, "he'll be appearing in the opening act for the Backstreet Boys, and he'll be on stage with his dancers for the first time." ... Nick is enthusiastic, but the closer to Aaron's performance it gets, the more nervous does Nick become. "Feel your heart, does it beat really fast?" he asks Aaron, but the little blondhead hearty shakes his head: "I'll just do what you always do on stage - then nothing can go wrong!"
-- "Here Comes Nick's Little Brother!", translated from German, found here

In countless interviews he says the most important thing to him when he is on stage is having a good time and as long as he does he will continue to sing. This boy has so much energy in him it is unbelievable. He also, according to Nick in an interview some time in the late 1990s, never gets in a bad mode and is always happy, which I have to say it quite remarkable. Yet he is sensitive to other peoples felling and knows when to back off. For example when Nick gets in a bad mood he knows to leave him alone. He has just enough charm to always be a please to be with but unlike many people people who are always in a good mood he never overdoes it.

You will have to try pretty hard to find a flaw in his personality.

Update: October 4, 2002

The above blurb was written in early 2002. Since then I have learned a lot more about this kid. I plan to eventually write a lot more about him, but for now here are a few selected quotes which I found especially interesting and a some miscellaneous notes.

Back in June Aaron wanted to let the fans pick the tracks of his next album:

Aaron has plans to devise his final track list of surefire fan favorites. How will he do this, you ask? Why, by getting his fans to pick those very tracks themselves!

Genius, I know.

"What I really wanna do," says Aaron, "is just take the 20 or so tracks that I've recorded and put them on my site and just have the fans pick and choose what they want. Sort of get back to a more interactive thing, I guess. I want this new album to be something the fans really love."

-- "The World According To Aaron Carter", June 10, 2002, vteens.org

... which never happened, probably becuase the Record Company (Jive) would't let him.

Then in an interview in September Aaron revealed that the Baha Man were just kind of added on:

Post: What was it like working with the Baha Men on the song "Summertime"?

Carter: It was cool. They're really nice guys, but it was a surprise to me.

Post: In what way?

Carter: I didn't know they were going to be part of the song - they were just kind of added on.

Post: Wait - you're the star, and you didn't know another group was going to be added to one of your tunes?

Carter: They've [the Record Company] done that before. They added No Secrets to some of my songs [on "Oh, Aaron"].

Post: How did that make you feel?

Carter: I felt like they used me to support another artist, and that's not right. I'm not their caretaker. I'm not here to support them. They should do their own thing and work for it like I did.

-- "Teen At Work: Backstreeter's Li'l Bro Is No Backseater", September 6, 2002, The New York Post

Although he does not seam to get mad he does seam to get his feelings seriously hurt from time to time. Two such incidents were when he was booed off the stage when he was opening for Britney in the U.K. and when girls took advantage of him on the Disney cruse to get to Nick. I just hope his mom is doing her job to make sure he doesn't get too hurt by such events. As many times it is the case that nice outgoing people can become secluded and some times down right sinister if they get hurt badly enough.

About his CD's

Aaron Carder recodes a large number of songs yet his last two CD's ("Aaron's Party" and "Oh Aaron!") only have 10 songs on them. Is there some reason more of them can't appear on his American's releases? According to my records only about 65% of his songs appeared on an American released album (excluding singles and soundtracks) and only 80% are available on an American released CD (including singles and soundtracks). Why?

My Personal Aaron Carter CD

  1. Crazy Little Party Girl
  2. Crush On You
  3. Get Wild
  4. Shake It
  5. Swing It Out
  6. Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
  7. I Want Candy
  8. Bounce
  9. My Internet Girl
  10. That's How I Beat Shaq
  11. The Clapping Song
  12. Iko Iko
  13. Real Good Time
  14. Tell Me What You Want
  15. Have Some Fun With the Funk
  16. Jump Jump
  17. Life is a Party
  18. Little Bitty Pretty One
  19. One for the Summer
  20. Oh Aaron!
  21. Not Too Young Not Too Old
  22. The Kid In You
  23. Leave it up to Me
Total playing Time: 78 minutes


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