Some of my favorite links (rather old)

(About as it appears in my WIC: Celebrity Hotlist)

Almost none of this links work anymore.

Star Trek [Gold Mine]
An archive of Star Trek information and links. While many other sites contain only a select amount of information, I found this one to contain a bit of everything. If you're looking for episode guides, FAQ's, and more, this is the place to start. If you're looking for current information, like press releases, check out:
The Vidiot Home Page [Star Trek Info]
A great source for current information on Star Trek, including Voyager. This site contains press releases, broadcast schedules, and links to other Star Trek related sites of all sorts.
Voyager's Official site
A very well done site, and one of the fastest on the Web. Voyager's Official site contains current information on Star Trek Voyager episodes and information on the crew. Once you think you know everything, test your knowledge with the Voyager trivia page.
The Unofficial Brady Bunch Home Page
I gained a particular interest in the Brady Bunch when the movie came out. This site is a great source for Brady information, with such highlights as an episode guide and a FAQ on the Brady Bunch. This page is constantly growing and it seems to change every day!
The Enhanced for Netscape Hall of Shame
A very humorous page that pokes fun at Netscape's enhancements. I found it very amusing but I hope the author is just joking about some of the pages. It also seems kind of weird that his page is in Netscape Enhanced.
Web Hole
"You Have Just Fallen Into a Web Hole... Do not be afraid. You will not get hurt...." If you are interested in wormholes, faster than light travel, or any other sort of weird and new physics, this is the place to go.
The MOD Page
MODS are songs composed of sound samples in digitized format, arranged in certain patterns to create a song. They sound wonderful and can get very creative. This page offers some basic info on MOD files and links to other MOD pages, including a FAQ.
PC Magazine: Top 100 Web Sites
A great list of hot sites to visit. It pointed out a few sites that I didn't know about.

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