A.I. Freecell Solver

For CMSC671 (Graduate level A.I) we were required to "design, implement, demonstrate, evaluate, and report on a working AI system in Lisp that combines significant components of the course." Our group decided to implement a freecell solver. I ended up writing almost all the code and my partner ended up writing most of the report. Because our solver is rather unique I decided to release the code under the GPL. In general, our solutions are shorter than those found by a comparable Free Cell solver found at http://vipe.technion.ac.il/~shlomif/freecell-solver, although the a-star search found in that package seems to do better with some of the most difficult games. It should work with any ANSI Common List implementation; however because the search is computationally intense using clisp or some other interpretative lisp implantation is not recommend unless you enjoy waiting for ever. Of the two compiled Lisp implementations tried, Allegro and CMUCL, CMUCL gives the best performance. The final code has only been tested with CMUCL.

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