This is a map of the Legacy Parkway Trail taken from my GPS when I skated the entire length on September 21, 2008.

It is 12.6 miles from one end to the other.

The entire path is paved and reasonable smooth but it is rather dirty. Also they are no bathrooms or source of water along the pathway that I could find. However many of the trail heads don't look like they are finished so I am hoping they will add some.

There are a bunch of wooden bridges clustered between the two white squares on the map which can get a little annoying. The trail crossing under the Parkway is more like a tunnel and not that well lit (yet) so be careful.

On the plus side it is rather straight and the underpass are well done without blind spots.

This map shows the trail along with the trailheads and access points. What is not shown is the actual parkway. The path is on the western side of the parkway in the northern end, passes under the parkway slightly south of parish lane, and than is to the east of the parkway.

Kevin Atkinson
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GPX File Used to Create Map