Learning to drive a car

Learning to drive a car is not a fun experience.
It is like Learning to ride a bicycle all over again;
Except this time,
It's a much faster,
More dangerous machine.

When I first learned to drive,
I quickly learned where the screeching brakes were,
Due to my tremendous paranoia,

Paranoia of crashing,
And wrecking the car into a
pile of flames,
And boy was I alert,
I was alert as a lion hunting his prey!

Being inside the car itself was not fun.
The car has a dark navy blue interior,
and no Air Conditioner
Which made it as hot as an oven,
At least 10 degrees warmer than the outside,
which was 85 degrees
I could smell the hot vinyl,
burning away
And I could fell it against my skin,
As my skin sweated salty bullets.

Copyright 1995 by Kevin Atkinson. You may NOT copy this file off this web site except for your own private use with out the permission of me, Kevin Atkinson. NO exceptions.