2 Seconds Late

One day,
I was going to school,
And a bit late.
And what do you know?
I had to get behind ever slowpoke on the road
One after another after another.
Ugh! I could just kill someone
Kill, kill, kill!

And I arrived at school,
Rushed out of my car
And arrived at my first period math class
Two seconds after the bell rang.

And what does she do?
She counts me as late.
That's right late, late, late!

I say to her "Oh, come on!"
And what does she do?
She just smiles.

So, I sat down while she began,
Still angry at her because she counted me as late.
Geeza, Meeza
Can't she even give a guy a chance?
After all things can happen in the morning!

Copyright 1995 by Kevin Atkinson. You may NOT copy this file off this web site except for your own private use with out the permission of me, Kevin Atkinson. NO exceptions.