Incredible Wall

There is always this invisible wall
between me and the rest of the world
A wall that causes aggravation and grief.

When times get tense between me and others,
It becomes infindently thick
When times are good,
It becomes as thin as paper.
At times it even seems to disappear
But its always there.

When the wall becomes thick
I fell like I'm getting through to no one.
I start to get upset and irritated.
I fell like I am going to bust,
But I can't
Because this wall also acts as a containment field
To keep what's in me in,
So, I can never bust.

Instead the pressure just builds up,
And it gets Greater and Greater And greater until I can't take it any more
And I fell like I want to
cry or scream or just do something,
to let it all out
However I can't even do that,
Because this stupid wall is holding it all back.
Ugg, I just want to kill myself and get it all over with!
But I can't even do that!
And then finally the wall will shrink.
Until it almost disappears.
But it never does,
And when times get worse...
It happens all over again!

Copyright 1995 by Kevin Atkinson. You may NOT copy this file off this web site except for your own private use with out the permission of me, Kevin Atkinson. NO exceptions.