It has a place...

It has a place to input one's thoughts,
And a place for one to read its thoughts.
And it has a place,
to store thoughts of both kinds.

It is the most obedient thing...
Sometimes too obedient;
It will do what it is told -
Even if it is not what one wants.

When it behaves itself,
It can be a wonderful tool,
A tool for
Learning and recreation,
And a tool
To increase productivity of all kinds.

But when it doesn't behave,
It can consume hours and hours of one's time
And it will waste one's productivity
instead of increasing it
And it still becomes a great learning tool;
A tool to teach one,
Just how much patience one has.

Copyright 1995 by Kevin Atkinson. You may NOT copy this file off this web site except for your own private use with out the permission of me, Kevin Atkinson. NO exceptions.