William W. Bergheimer
						19 Bear Mountain Crt,
						Toms River, N.J. 08753

	I am writing to protest the ridiculous restrictions Viacom has been
imposing on internet sites that are not affiliated with Microsoft.  If
these sites were making money for their administrators or taking away
from VIACOM's trade in any way, I could understand your actions.
	However, it has been my experience that these sites represent nothing
but free press for Paramount and it's parent corporation Viacom. I am a
member of Microsoft, and I have seen nothing there which comes close to
delivering the kind of desire to watch Paramount's productions as much
as these open internet sites have.  In addition, I find the fact that
you can only access the Trek sites currently available if you are an MSN
member insulting and unwise; The open sites reach a broader audience and
are thus better press.
	I can only hope Viacom will reconsider it's present course of action.