>From the Babylon 5 mailing list on the Viacom matter.  JMS is Joe
Stranysksi, the creator and executive producer of  Babylon 5. A
viewer's question is first, then Joe's reponse:


From: BFrost@exch.reedtool.com (Brian Frost)
Lines: 14

You may or may not be aware that Viacom is trying to shutdown any
Web site that does more than provide discussion of Star Trek.

Seems to me that they are going to shoot themselves in the foot.
The fans are what has given Star Trek life over these many years. 

Would you or WB consider taking such action against Fan
maintained B5 sites? I maintain a page for Houston B5 viewers
and this would most definitely affect the layout of my page.


Brian Frost


From: jmsatb5@aol.com (Jms at B5)
Lines: 17

Actually, WB and I have already had discussions about this (along
with John C. and others in B5 production).  What we proposed, because
of the unique relationship between us and the online community, was that
WB *not* go after the fan web pages AS LONG AS they attached the proper
copyright info to any graphics or other material that's owned by WB.
This prevents the material from falling into the public domain, 
which is the main concern here.  (Most folks don't know that you 
can lose your copyright if you do not make best, concerted efforts 
to defend it.)

It's a sane and sensible policy, and thus far it seems to be