Warp 10 Editors Note

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry, I haven't been around in a while for about a week. I have been exhausted and quite busy, in part due to the holidays and paritally due to a heavy work load. Over the next 24 hours, I'm going to releases several Warp 10's. I want to be fair to everyone. If I put it all in one e-mail posting. Most our systems could not handle it. So to save my sanity and save my mail box from surge of bounced mail, I'm going to mail everything in smaall bundles.

Ok There has been a MAJOR development in Trek that will effect us all on the Internet. The article below best describes what is happening. Some of you have contacted me. The decision is for you to make. However, from what I have heard. It is NOT RICK BERMAN or any of the production staff initiating this action. Please do not get this confused. I'm not defending this action, but please place blame where blame is due. Rick Berman and the Trek production crew are employees are of Paramount/Viacom. Their paychecks come from Paramount. It is not their fault

Some of your want to take action. Some groups are rallying to write a lettter campaign against the show's advertisers and hitting Paramount in the pocket. Consider the ramifications of any action your choose to take. Organize your efforts, but in a sensible manner, not as crazed fans. No one will hear you if you shout, but if you speak quietly with conviction, you stand a better chance to be heard. Past Trek campaigns have worked in the past, but with organization. Everyone was goal oriented. Do not bicker among one another.

I have included a page where individuals wishing to join the cause can get more information.

I do not know how this campaign by Paramount will effect Warp 10. I do not know if I am a target or future target or if the mailing lists are future list are future targets. Your guess is as good as mine. Deal with the facts not rumors.

I have also included a posting from the creator of Babylon 5 on the subject matter that may be a possible option you all might consider and make all parties happy.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Thanks Again,


Source: Part of A Usenet Posting, Warp 10