VCDMeta is a Perl script which makes creating easy to navigate VCD extremely simple. It takes in a simplified XML documents which simply contains a list of the Videos you want to include and how you want them to be arranged. From that it will output a XML document suitable for use with vcdimager complete with easy to navigate menus. A text file "0VCDINDX.TXT" is also created which contains the complete contents of the CD for easy navigations when reading the VCD on a computer without VCD menu support. If images are not provided for the menus it will create the menus for you. When the supplied patch is applied to VCDImager, VCDMeta can generate special easy to use mpeg files for use on a computer complete with an HTML index.

So far VCDMeta has only been testing on Linux but it should work on any Unix like operating system. It should also work on Windows provided the right Perl modules are installed with a little effort. I believe all the required libraries and tools have been ported to Windows, but I have not actually tested VCDMeta on Windows.

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